Manipulate Reality

Since 2004, Rian Lehman has been performing his brand of magic all over Upstate New York. These inventions led to the next step. LehmanMagic. Founded in 2014, commited to spreading the joy.
Available to book for any event, performance or lecture.
Rian Lehman has given talks on magic and has performed for celebrities such as Robby Takac of the 'Goo Goo Dolls'.
To see the latest LehmanMagic video go to our YouTube page.
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Rian Lehman
Magician & Inventor
Buffalo -NY
Fascinations: films & theme parks
Has loved magic from a young age. Starting with stage magic and moving to close up. Started working as a professional magician at age 16.
"Create wonder with your bare hands and manipulate reality."
Stacy Werner
Seamstress & Brand Manager
Buffalo -NY
Fascinations: costume design & coffee
Brought up in dance and theater, but eventually switched to magic. Now, after a decade of study she has gathered an extensive knowledge of the art.
"Behind every great wizard is an even better assistant!"
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Any Inquiries Or Concerns?
LehmanMagic prides itself at being based in Buffalo, NY. The city has a vast history in magic and we strive to add the next chapter in that grand chronicle.

The magic we create is audience tested and always has the performer in mind. Our products are specifically chosen to build your confidence and repertoire.

Magic is our passion. Performing, creating, and designing. Every product is made in house at Lehmanmagic.
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